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Our Essential Life: Q+A with Dr. Tiny Jaentsch, MD

Our Essential Life is a team of doctors, mentors, health coaches and specialists who really strive to empower people with knowledge and tools to achieve greater health, happiness and success in life.

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Health and Financial Freedom: The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day

Hi Everyone, Dr. Jessica here. Many people are under the impressions that the healing properties of the oils are the only reason I share the... Read More

Our Essential Life Recipes: PALEO/AIP Baked Chicken with Spinach and Artichokes

This is a perfect one pot gourmet meal, made from leftover chicken. Shhh, no one has to know but us… Food can be beautiful, nutritious, Read More

Don't downgrade your dreams!

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Signs You Need a Lymph Detox and How to Do It!

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Our Essential Life Recipes: Paleo Casserole

“Gotta eat.” It’s a phrase that rings true for every single one of us. This simple Paleo Casserole is a delicious and extremely healthy solution... Read More