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21 Days of Gratitude...Day 1

Dare to See Things Differently

Let’s take a moment to look at self-talk, family talk, and social talk. How much of our talk is kind, loving and approving? I will give you a great example. During a recent soccer game, my son’s 6 year old soccer team found one of their players on the ground. The other team, young and excited, became caught up in kicking and our team member was injured. The ball flew down the field, followed by the pack minus one boy from the opponent’s team who reached down, helped our player up and asked, “You ok?”  I jumped up, walked over to the opposite team and pointed out the boy and asked, “Whose son is that?”  Upon review, I now realize their seating was such that all they could see was a young boy on the ground getting kicked by their team. Two moms got up and walked me over to the boy’s mom – I think to protect her from what they probably thought was going to be an irate soccer mom. I leaned over and said “Hey, not sure if you saw what happened but your son stopped, helped up our player and asked if he was ok. I just wanted to point out how honorable that was and congratulate you on teaching him what is important in a game.” All three mom’s mouths dropped and stuttered, “Thank you.”  As I walked back to our side of the field, I thought about the many times we do not take the time to point out the good in this world.  Everything focuses on the negative.

How to Join Us

Let’s take the next 21 days and REJOICE over the POSITIVE.  Join me and watch when what you focus on is positive, how many more joyous moments you will encounter.  Take a moment alone, where it is quiet and allow yourself the time to complete each of these days.  Just to give each of you a slight cheat…some of these assignments do not have to be full on chapter books – you can just take a picture of some of the day’s challenges and reflect on them throughout the day. We are going to ask you to check in every day. For some, you will post your day’s writings or pictures. For others, this journey will be so personal that sharing will be raw – simply write DONE on that day’s post. We’re looking forward to the many blessings of gratitude for our group!!!!

Download Day One

21 Days of Gratitude Day 1

Day 1

We are starting today RAW and tough. It will get easier, but for today I want to radically change your perspective so that you can grow by leaps and bounds over these next 21 days. You deserve it.

Take a moment in a quiet place, undisturbed. List out the most hurtful moments of your life. What are the events that you still have emotions with, anger, sadness, and resentment with.

Now with different eyes, write how you grew from this. What strengths did you develop? What did you learn from yourself that you would have NEVER had the opportunity to in any other situation? How has this event made you stronger, unbreakable, a completely better version of yourself?

Founder Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh

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