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BASICS: Protect Your Oils


When storing your oils, remember that your oils must be protected in order to perform at their best. Just like us, oils are subject to outside factors that can effect their function: heat, light, moisture and oxygen can all change the freshness of your oils, and it’s important to protect your oils from these culprits during storage.


Direct sunlight can effect your oils – that’s why they’re stored in colored bottles, but even those don’t provide complete protection, so be sure not to store your oils on a windowsill or in an extremely sunny space.


Don’t store your oils near or above a stovetop. This protects the oil from deteriorating, and it can also protect you from accidentally igniting an oil that has a low flashpoint.


You don’t want water in your oils — that’s something you already know if you’ve studied your oils. Drops of water inside your oil containers can make your oil murky or it can separate from the oil and collect in your container.


Keep your oils closed as much as possible because long-term exposure to oxygen can reduce their effects. (Did you accidentally leave an oil open? It can still be useful as a cleaning product and might still be somewhat effective in your diffuser even when some of the healing properties are destroyed.)

The best place for your oils is a cool, dark place. Store them in cobalt blue or amber glass bottles (don’t use plastic because some oils can eat through plastic) to diffuse as much light as possible, and keep them tightly sealed to keep moisture and oxygen to a minimum. It’s not difficult to store your oils properly, but it is important to be sure they’re fresh, potent and ready to keep you healthy and happy!

Founder Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh

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