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BASICS: Where's the Best Place to Apply Oils?


Hitting the Spot

Putting on perfume is a very specific ritual: Some women swear by the inside of the wrists, others add the back of the neck and backs of the knees, and some women perfume the air and then gently step into the cloud of fragrance. Those of us who love essential oils know they’re superior to perfume because they not only smell great, but they also actually change us and help make us into healthier and happier people.

So, where’s the best place to wear essential oils so they’re most effective? Think through where you’d put your perfume, and it’s actually pretty similar — here are the best places to wear your oil so you’ll get the most benefit:

Inside Your Wrists

Let’s start with the classic place to apply scent. It feels so glamorous to put scent on the inside of your wrists, like you’re applying a fine perfume (and, in a way, you are). It’s a nice ritual to add to the beginning of your day, and if you’re using essential oils instead of perfume, you’re actually doing yourself a lot of good.

The Back of Your Neck

Jennifer Love Hewitt says she applies her perfume (which is vanilla extract — somebody get that girl some oils!) to the back of her neck so people smell it when they hug her. This is a great spot, actually! Not only is it near a pulse point, but it’s close to your hair as well, so you’ll refresh the smell when you sweep your hair into and out of ponytails and buns throughout the day.

Your Temples

What do you do when you have a headache? You rub your temples. It makes sense to follow your body’s natural impulse but add some healthy oil as well. Not only do you make that mini-massage better when you add oils, but you make it more effective by adding powerful oils that help relieve your headache.

The Bottoms of Your Feet

Okay, nobody has to be reminded that the bottoms of your feet can disperse scent! But you can use that in a good way by applying the oil you need to the soles of your feet. Lots of people swear by the powerful effect oils on the feet can have to the rest of your body. (And if you or a family member have an issue with stinky feet, try using Thieves on your feet to control the odor.)

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