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21 Days of Gratitude…Day 21

Download Day Twenty One   Day Twenty One As we come to a close, write yourself a thank you note, for you took the time not only for yourself, but also for the...

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21 Days of Gratitude…Day 20

Download Day Twenty   Day Twenty What is the most surprising outcome of this past 20 days? And why did it surprise you so? Read More

21 Days of Gratitude…Day 19

Download Day Nineteen     Day Nineteen Today, look at the world through the eyes of a child. Change your perspective. If you are only 3... Read More

21 Days of Gratitude…Day 18

Download Day Eighteen Day Eighteen Everyone has challenges, how might you look at these now with the eyes of gratitude? What gifts are these challenges bringing... Read More

21 Days of Gratitude…Day 17

Download Day Seventeen   Day Seventeen Today, in the mirror, look at yourself straight in the eye. What do you love? Write yourself a love poem. Read More

21 Days of Gratitude…Day 16

Download Day Sixteen   Day Sixteen Your five senses are sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste. Which one is your favorite and why?  What do you notice... Read More