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Health and Financial Freedom: The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day

Hi Everyone, Dr. Jessica here. Many people are under the impressions that the healing properties of the oils are the only reason I share the oils. There’s actually one more reason, and...

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Signs You Need a Lymph Detox and How to Do It!

Feeling under the weather? Like maybe you woke up today to grey skies and a lot of rain and you just feel off. Achey, irritable, Read More

BASICS: Where's the Best Place to Apply Oils?

Hitting the Spot Putting on perfume is a very specific ritual: Some women swear by the inside of the wrists, others add the back of... Read More

BASICS: What to Do When an Essential Oil Hurts

We all know that essential oils have wonderful properties. They can calm us down or lift us up. They can make us more focused or... Read More

BASICS: A Beginner's Guide to Droppers

Dropper bottles are great for dispensing your oils because they give you a lot of control over how much oil you’re dispensing. This is important... Read More

BASICS: Protect Your Oils

When storing your oils, remember that your oils must be protected in order to perform at their best. Just like us, oils are subject to... Read More