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I Changed My Life... But Nobody Else Did!

It’s easy to get excited about the positive changes that happen when change the way we live. When we change the way we eat, adopt a Paleo diet and start using essential oils, everything seems different — and better! This wonderful feeling of watching our life and our family’s life change can be thrilling.

So when our friends and family aren’t making the same changes in their own lives, that can be difficult — especially when they’re judgmental about the changes we’re making or when we’re struggling to incorporate changes that no one else understands.

Hopefully, you can find some support here in our group. If you’re shy and don’t want to reach out or get heavily involved online, contact us and we can connect you with someone who’s just as nervous as you are about this journey. We are all in need of a friend, a cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on! You are no longer an island. Connect! A great oil for this particular cause of sadness is Acceptance — you will find it to be so helpful in times of transition, new ideas and adapting!

With old friends you’re struggling to connect with, try to incorporate non-food activities, like walking in the park or watching your children play sports, so your dietary differences aren’t front-and-center. Be open to talking about the changes in your life when your friends ask, but be aware of their feelings and don’t be pushy about forcing them to change — sometimes it’s best to let the positive changes in your own life speak for you. Above all, whether it’s from old friends or new, be sure to connect with people who support you in the positive changes you’re making for yourself and for your family.

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Founder Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh

The body is perfectly made to self-heal. We support that natural ability by listening and responding. In April 2018, Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh celebrated 23 years of assisting patients in healing naturally through... More Info