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Why does everyone have THE BUG this time of year? Sugar and Immune Function

“Oh, it’s just that time of year again,” we say to justify the illness that has taken over our household in a violent rampage of sick bodily fluids and discomfort. Stomach Bug. Flu. VIRUS.

But let’s look at what is really happening to our bodies. We have had a decrease in sunlight, which produces a much-needed hormone we all know as Vitamin D. This precious commodity is what drives our hormones, our immunity and our emotions while also repairing our DNA. We have been taught to fear direct sunlight, and that means our Vitamin D levels are precariously low. Not to mention that Winter months without sunlight mean our Vitamin D levels are that much lower.

We have lost the art of eating dark green vegetables. (Oh, yes it’s an art– have you had my delicious sautéed kale?) These dark greens are our highest source of Calcium, and we need that Calcium to signal to our white blood cells to take action against viral and bacterial invasions. We need that Calcium to alert our bodies that there is inflammation (think swollen sinuses, sore throat, congested lungs, sour tummies).

And then we have SUGARDAYS. You may know them by their common names, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s, Easter. When your sugar intake is ABOVE 40 GRAMS per day, you introduce a large level of inflammation to the body. You increase your insulin levels, your stress levels. Your adrenals- that control inflammation, insulin control and digestion- become overwhelmed with the amount of work presented to them. And the result is a decrease in your immune system’s ability to fight every single day.

Not sure how much sugar you’re consuming every day?

One soda, one PLAIN Krispy Kreme donut and one banana is OVER 100 GRAMS OF SUGAR.


So what are the solutions? Begin to look at your diet with the alert eyes of a sniper– everything with processed sugar has to go. Then look at wheat, corn, milk and soy. These are the most inflammatory foods you can eat. Replace them with kale, spinach, spring mix salads. Feed your health. Feed your immune system. Need help with the cravings? Diaplex and Gymnema from Stand Process and Ocotea oil from Young Living help the body.

Last thought I leave you with: Wheat stimulates the brain in the same way that heroin (yes, the drug) stimulates the brain. Sugar stimulates the brain in the same way that cocaine stimulates the brain. Would you justify having your morning coffee with a little hit of heroin just because you met up with some friends for a little morning treat? Would you give your sweet little one that cocaine cookie that you get for free at the grocery store? OF COURSE NOT. Please understand that your brain doesn’t recognize the difference. Stop the addictions and your body, your family, your life will thank you tremendously.

Do you need help with the recipes and safe foods? Check out our Pinterest account and follow along for delicious and healthy foods and recipes. We hope it’s a helpful tool to you in your journey to health and wellness!

–Dr. Jessica

Founder Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh

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