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What to Expect from Your Oils When You’re Expecting


Oils can be a fantastic way to calm your body and your mind during pregnancy without taking invasive drugs or risking hurting your baby. But there are a few oils you should avoid — we all know that oils can be very powerful, and we want to be careful with their effects.

The following are some oils you should AVOID during pregnancy. Take these oils out of your rotation if you’re expecting!


Why: Research suggests that fennel can raise estrogen levels, and higher levels can cause early labor or even miscarriage.

Clary Sage 

Why: Clary Sage can lead to early contractions, and also may change the flow of blood to the placenta.


Why: In alternative medicine, sage is used to induce labor, and this isn’t something we want to mess around with. Sage may also effect hormone levels, causing hormones to trigger, mirror or otherwise change the natural progress of labor.


Why: Some research has indicated possible fetal neurological effects, and it may also lead to seizures in pregnant women.


Why: Rosemary is a stimulant, and it may increase heart rate. It’s especially dangerous to women who have higher blood pressure while pregnant.

When you’re bringing a new life into the world, oils can be a great help — but be sure you are even more vigilant than usual about education. Learn what your oils do so you can use them best, whether or not you’re welcoming a baby!

Founder Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh

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