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Feeling Depressed This Winter? Check Your Diet

We’ve already had a few very gloomy, cold days this winter, and chances are we’re headed into more of the same. We’re pulling out the coats and scarves, but cloudy weather and changing temperatures effect more than just our wardrobes. Seasonal Affected Disorder hits some people severely, and we almost all of us suffer from it in one way or another. This is the time of year that anxiety and depression can go from mild to terrible. The very time we want to be celebrating can find us crying and worrying instead.

With all types of mood disturbances, I always look at the individual’s nutrition first. Food has changed, and we no longer have farmers sharing what they grow. Instead, large corporations are responsible for food production. Remember, corporations look at food as a commodity, which means that they bring the product to the market as cheaply as possible in order to make a profit.

The problem with this is that food is never a place to make short cuts, and doing that has left our diets in a big mess. Our food is a big factor in why we’re so anxious and depressed! It’s shocking to realize this for the first time, but there is good news — for the most part, we can control our food. Let’s face it: Relearning how to eat can be tough. But it is so, so worth it.

The most common mood disturbing foods are wheat, corn and soy, followed by all artificial colorings. It is for this reason that we recommend Paleo eating. There are so many websites and books explaining Paleo in detail, but here’s Paleo in a nutshell: If a food is grown fresh, you can eat it. If it’s packaged, you can’t.

Living this way takes time to learn, but as I’m a fan of saying, this is a “short-hard.” It’s tough right now, but it leads to a longer, easier and happier life. I think that’s worth it! You’ll also find a myriad of websites, Pinterest boards, message boards and cookbooks that help answer your Paleo questions. Go ahead — check it out! There are so many people out there who’ll support you. And I’m one of them!

Founder Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh

The body is perfectly made to self-heal. We support that natural ability by listening and responding. In April 2018, Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh celebrated 23 years of assisting patients in healing naturally through... More Info