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FÜM pipes Interview

Marissa Marsh interviews Janai Whelan from FÜM pipes


  • Tell me a little about yourself!
    • I’m twenty years old, live on a small acreage just outside of Calgary Alberta Canada. I enjoy being outside in creation, being around people, building things and problem-solving.
  • Can you tell me what FÜM Pipes are?
    • A FÜM is a personal, portable essential oil inhaler that enables you to passively breathe in the fumes of essential oils. This is done by putting drops of an essential oil onto a cotton insert that is then put into the FÜM. By breathing through the FÜM, air passes
      by the insert and draws some of the beneficial essential oil with it.
  • Why did you create FÜM pipes, what’s your bigger purpose?
    • We first created FÜMs because we wanted a better way of inhaling essential oils while working out. We were putting peppermint oil on our hands and inhaling, but didn’t like that the peppermint oil got on the workout equipment and wore off quickly. So we were looking for an alternative way to use peppermint for this purpose.
    • Its become a lot more than that for us now though, because we really want to redefine health. We understand health to be relational, internal, and physical. Meaning that having healthy, meaningful relationships and a proper outlook of ourselves in the world are just as important as being physically healthy. Currently, in our culture we see ‘Health’ being defined pretty exclusively as being only a physically healthy person, and are working to change that.
  • What steps did you have to go through to create them?
    • We started by making a lot of prototypes and finding out what we liked and what we didn’t. Once we got something we were pretty happy with, we continued to refine it to what we have today.
  • What’s your favorite way to use your FUM Pipe?
    • Personally, I like to use my FÜM driving around, doing office work, or during a workout.
  • Which FUM Pipe do you use and why?
    • I actually use both (not at the same time LOL) and will just grab whatever is handy, although I do find the FÜM Prominent is nicer to hold.
  • So this no smoke and no vape – Can you talk more about that?
    • Sure! When you heat an essential oil, it can actually change the chemical structure of the oil. Which means that the oil you are receiving may have the same smell or flavour in this case, but likely won’t be a balanced compound or have the same health benefits that are desired. A FÜM provides a great on-the-go way to utilize your oils while not compromising their quality.
  • Is the cotton organic?
    • Our current supplier does say that their cotton is 100% organic, however, we do not have a third party verification for this and for that reason do not advertise it as organic cotton. We are currently looking for a supplier who can have that verified for us.
  • How can this help someone stop smoking?
    • There is research that indicates the potential of black pepper essential oil in reducing nicotine cravings. There is also research that shows the benefits of a physical replacement of a cigarette is also helpful in breaking nicotine cravings. FÜM + Black Pepper is the intersection of these two veins a tool that you can utilize in your health journey. FÜM combines the effects of black pepper on craving together with the benefits of a replacement for cigarettes.
    • Please visit the blog post about this on our website for references to the research studies
  • Is it addictive?
    • No, it can be quite enjoyable, but you won’t be dependant on it like someone whose body is used to nicotine and therefore craves it.
  • How does it keep your lungs healthy?
    • I am a little limited in regards to what I am allowed to say regarding this while trying to stay compliant with YL policies. There is however interesting research on the positive effects of Peppermint oil and athletic enhancement and anyone who has tried it can attest to how it has helped them/made them feel.
  • What made you choose YL?
    • This story actually starts before FÜM. My older brother (Core Four Member Jaron) was looking for natural ways to support clear, smooth looking skin on his face. After reading that frankincense oil could help him, we picked some up at the local grocery store. It did help a little but didn’t do all he wanted. He tried health food store oils and whatever frankincense he could get his hands on, but after some friends gave him Young Livings Frankincense oil he couldn’t go back. He had clear smooth skin on his face and was sold on it! Now fast-forwarding down the road and learning about seed to seal, their strict purity process guarantee, we know why their oils are the best and want to encourage our friends to experience them!


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