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Health and Financial Freedom: The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day

Hi Everyone,

Dr. Jessica here. Many people are under the impressions that the healing properties of the oils are the only reason I share the oils. There’s actually one more reason, and it’s one that I think is equally important. I also share the oils because it gives me the ability to follow my passion and make an excellent living from it at the same time.

I am a doctor, but I am also a wife and mother of four. Mothers everywhere are juggling time, children, schedules, and sometimes that can be overwhelming. Especially when you consider financial stress (which happens to be the leading cause of divorce and a major contributor to depression). The anxiety this can all cause effects our ability to think clearly, to be balanced. And once it compromises our quality of health and the medical bills start piling up… It’s a system ripe for collapse. What I do know about people is their innate resiliency and determination, and once you tap into it, it can be an amazing force of powerful positive action.

Imagine a parent whose child is being labeled at school. The medications aren’t working. Already struggling to make ends meet, that parent gets into the oils. Not only is this a solution that gives them their child back, but also gives them an opportunity to share their solutions, help others and make money on top of it and with no outbound expenses past what they are using to keep their family healthy. This is a WINNING SITUATION.

I have received countless messages from individuals who are sharing their successes, changing their personal finances and are able for the first time in a long time to dream again. That is powerful, and it keeps me on this path.

One member says, “I didn’t realize how not being able to buy new clothes for my family had effected my husband’s self-esteem. This check? We had extra, and I bought him clothes. He is standing straighter tonight. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.”


Another member shares, “This month I didn’t have to worry what utility was going to have to have a late fee, and next month I will have enough to pay EVERYTHING ON TIME.”

Yes, these amazing oils change lives emotionally, environmentally, physically and even financially. It is a journey I believe in. Chase your passions with your mind, body and your dreams! If you know of a Mother who could use this in her life, talk to her about this kit for Mother’s Day. I have helped members position their mothers so that they can RETIRE EARLY. Families that work together are amazing.

Do you have a mother or a “mother of choice” that you would love to work with and help achieve her financial goals and dreams? We all long for financial freedom and a lack of stress in that area of our lives. There is an opportunity here to build a legacy alongside each other, setting up your families for success and provision in all areas of life.


If this is speaking to you and you need help taking the steps, please feel free to contact us at We long to help you and your family achieve your vision of health, happiness, wellness and prosperity and share it with the world around you.


Dr. Jessica






Founder Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh

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