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Our Bedrooms and What They Say About Us

Your bedroom should be your personal sanctuary. It’s the place where you begin your day and where you end it. Our bodies, minds and spirits should rest here, restore here and regenerate here.

It’s important to create a space that makes you feel restful and inspired to get up and take on each day. Peaceful. Protected. You can tell a lot about a person by what they surround themselves with. Perhaps your room is filled with mementos and photos. You probably value family and carry your memories very close to you. Perhaps your room is very clean, well lit and minimal. You may equate a lack of clutter with the ability to turn off your mind and achieve real rest. You may have piles of clothes and stacks of books, and that may speak to the pace of your life and thirst for knowledge and adventure. Our bedrooms are living, breathing spaces that represent who we are at our most vulnerable.

We lay our heads on our pillows and let go. I like to think of this place as a neutral area. We let our guard down. We let our bodies shift into the parasympathetic nervous system. In this state we rest and digest. Now let me ask you, what is within your arm’s reach?

Our bedside tables are places of power.

What do you keep here and why? Are the items on your table things that inspire you and promote your health and happiness? Tonight take a look at the area beside your bed and ask yourself if the items there are serving you well. If not, make it the space you want it to be.

Today we get a glimpse into the bedroom sanctuary of Dr. Jessica and get to see what it is she keeps at arm’s reach.



1/ The oils and the diffuser. I love having all of my roll-ons within an arm length. Deep Relief, Tranquil, RuTaVaLa, Valor, Breathe Again. Stress Away. I occasionally make my own rollerball blends. Deep Relief. I literally have two of them on my table. One hundred or more adjustments a day and an afternoon working on the farm, you better believe that Deep Relief is getting heavy use! I also love the Ortho Ease Massage Oil. Make your partner give you a massage. It’s pretty heavenly. We have a different diffuser in every room at the house, but I keep my Rainstone diffuser on my side of the bed. And no one is allowed to touch the remote but me! It’s sculptural and elemental and is my favorite high-end diffuser.

2/ The extras. First of all, I always have Standard Process Calcium Lactate with me. At. All. Times. It supports the nervous system and the immune system and is great when I am stressed. The giant green rock is a beautiful hunk of malachite that keeps negative energy away and promotes creativity. I often take off my jewelry at the end of the night and place it on my table. Each piece is something special to me.

3/ The books. I have an insatiable need for knowledge and inspiration. I am pretty tireless when it comes to soaking things up. I often stay up late into the night reading and researching. The books on my bedside table rotate frequently. And I often pull out a favorite tome to revisit ideas and passages that really speak to me and spark me creatively and intuitively. Here is the current stack in detail.


Kindred Spirit by Matthew and Terces Engelhart

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

The Motivation Manifesto by Brendan Burchard

An Endocrine Handbook by Henry R. Harrower

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

The Discipline of Market Leaders by Michael Treacy

The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle

The One Gift by Gary Young

The Stories We Tell by Patti Callahan Henry (Patti is a good friend! Get her book!)

Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart

Unique Ability: Creating the Life You Want by Catherine Nomura


What’s on your bedside table that really expresses who you are and gives you the support you need? Let us know in the comments!



Founder Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh

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