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A Paleo Thanksgiving: Making Cauliflower Rice

Sometimes it can be challenging to find Paleo recipes to satisfy family favorites — especially at a holiday like Thanksgiving. It’s tempting to just throw in the towel and spend a day indulging in old favorites, but that can lead to two problems: Even best case scenario, you’ll probably feel pretty groggy and sick after a day of re-introducing toxins into your body. And worst case scenario? One day of “cheating” leads to a slippery slope that you don’t emerge from until weeks later.

Maybe it’s time to start new traditions, and to find some recipes that satisfy those cravings without actually giving into them. We’re lucky that some Thanksgiving basics like turkey and sides are naturally Paleo, but what about the carbs?

A little searching for “Paleo Thanksgiving” will bring up lots of ideas, but one of our tried-and-true recipes is this Cauliflower Rice from The Clothes Make the Girl. We love how creamy and delicious it is. We predict it’ll be a new favorite — something you and your family are truly thankful for!



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