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Signs You Need a Lymph Detox and How to Do It!

Feeling under the weather? Like maybe you woke up today to grey skies and a lot of rain and you just feel off. Achey, irritable, a headache that you swear comes and goes with the change in barometric pressure. You’re not imagining things. These symptoms are indicators that your lymphatic systems is sluggish and needs a good detox.

Our Essential Life: signs your lymphatic system needs a detox and how to do it
Our Essential Life: signs your lymphatic system needs a detox and how to do it

First, let’s talk about what lymph is and what your lymphatic system does. Lymph is a clear yellowish, slightly alkaline , coagulable fluid that contains white blood cells in a liquid that resembles plasma. It’s derived from the tissues of the body and carried to the bloodstream via lymphatic vessels. It contains waste products and debris of cells with bacteria and proteins. Your lymphatic system, comprised of lymph vessels, nodes and fluid, is responsible for maintaining the balance of bodily fluids. The primary function of your lymphatic system is to defend your immune system. Tonsils, adenoids, spleen and the thymus are all part of the lymphatic system.

With dramatic fluctuations in barometric pressure, your lymph flow can quickly be effected. You feel sluggish, irritable, puffy. You have a persistent headache or migraine. You feel congested all over. You just feel less than great.

What should you do? The first few thing you can do is get moving! The only way to move your lymph is to physically move your body. Jump up and down. Bounce on a medicine ball. Even a brisk walk can help.

Dry brush your skin. Literally, you take a natural bristled brush and you brush your skin without water or oil, in repeated motions toward your heart. It sloughs off dead skin, invisible built up bacteria and waste and basically detoxes you inside and out. Your skin will glow, and your insides will glow, too.

Add a drop or two of a citrus oil to your water to support a healthy lymphatic system. Remember to always use a glass container when drinking oil-infused water. We recommend this one.

This is a topic that definitely deserves further reading. Here is a really great article that we recommend you read:

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